Coca Cola 24/20 oz, 24/12 oz
(Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke
with Lime, Diet Caffeine Free Coke, Fresca,
Sprite, Diet Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Seagrams Gingerale/Seltzer, Fanta Orange,
Fanta Pineapple, Fanta Grape)
Pepsi Cola 24/20 oz, 24/12 oz
(Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi,
Cherry Pepsi, Diet Cherry Pepsi, Mountain
Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew
Code Red, Mugg Root Beer, Orange Crush,
Schwepps Gingerale/Seltzer, Diet Schwepps
Gingerale, Welchs Grape Soda, Sierra Mist,
Diet Sierra Mist)
Top Pop 24/24 oz
(Orange, Pineapple)
White Rock 24/12 oz
(Black Cherry, Cola, Gingerale, Grape, Orange,
Root Beer)

White Coffee

100% Columbian 42/2 oz
100% Columbian 42/2.5 oz
100% Columbian 84/2.5 oz
100% Columbian Beans 6/5 lb
100% Columbian Beans 3/5 lb
Parker House Blend 43/2 oz
Brio Vend Coffee 12/2 oz
Vend Ground Coffee 12/2 oz
Kona Hawaiian Coffee 24/2.5 oz
Espresso Pod Bianchi 45 cm/150 ct
Espresso Pod 45 cm/150 ct
Espresso Pod Decaf 45 cm/150 ct
Espresso Pod Double 150 ct


Arizona 24/20 oz, 24/11.5 oz
Capri Sun 40/6.75 oz
Capri Sun 100% 40/6.75 oz
Hawaiian Punch 24/20 oz, 24/12 oz
Lipton Tea 24/20 oz, 2412 oz
(Lipton Tea, Lipton Green Tea, Lipton Diet
Green Tea)
Minute Maid 24/15 oz, 24/10 oz
(Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Cran Apple Raspberry)
Nestea 24/20 oz
(Nestea Reg, Diet Nestea, Nestea Raspberry
Oceanspray 12/15 oz
(Apple, Blueberry, Cranberry, Orange, Pineapple-Peach, Ruby Red Grapefruit, StrawberryKiwi)
Snapple 24/20 oz, 24/11.5 oz
(Diet Cran Raspberry, Raspberry, Diet Raspberry, Peach, Diet Peach, Iced Tea, Diet Tea,
Fruit Punch, Grapade, Kiwi/Strawberry, Lemonade, Mango Madness, Orangeade, Pink Lemonade)
Snapple 100% 24/11.5 oz
(Fruit Punch, Grape, Green Apple, Melon Berry,
Orange Melon, Strawberry Lime, Very Berry)
V-8 Vegetable Juice 24/12 oz
V-8 Fusion 24/12 oz
(Peach Mango, Pomegranate Blueberry, Strawberry Banana)
Welchs Juices 24/11.5 oz
(100% Apple, Apple Cranberry, Fruit Punch,
Grape, Mango Passion, Orange Pineapple, Ruby
Red Grapefruit, Strawberry Kiwi, White Grape
Welchs 100% Apple Juice24/11.5oz
Welchs Apple Cran Juice 24/11.5oz
Yoohoo Box 32/6.5 oz


Gatorade 24/20 oz
(Cool Blue, Fruit Punch, Grape,
Lemon Lime, Orange)
Lifewater 12/20 oz
(Strawberry Kiwi, Grape, Orange,
Pomegranate Cherry)
Powerade 24/20 oz
(Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Mountain
Blast, Orange, Zero Grape, Zero
Mixed Fruit, Zero Strawberry)
Vitamin Water 24/20 oz
(Energy, Essential, Formula 50, MultiVitamin, Power-C, Revive, Triple X,)


Starbucks Frappuccino 12/9.5 oz.
(Coffee, Mocha, Vanilla, Caramel)
Starbucks Doubleshot 12/6.5 oz
Red Bull 8.4 oz
(Regular and Sugar-Free)
Rockstar 16 oz
Amp 16 oz.


MD Hot Cup Paper 1000/10 oz
MD Hot Cup Paper 1000/12 oz
MD Hot Cup Paper 1000/16 oz
MD Hot Cups Paper 1000/20 oz
Splash Lids Tear Back 1000 ct
Dome Lid 1000 ct
Glazed Styro Cups 1000/12 oz
Glazed Styro Cups 1000/16 oz
Glazed Styro Cups 500/20 oz
Glazed Styro Dome Lid 1000 ct
Stirrers 10000 ct
Stirrers (Tall) 10000 ct


Swiss Miss 50 ct
Nestles Whipper Mix 12/2 lb
Domino Sugar 2 lb
Packets 2000 ct
Domino Creamer Canister 24/12 oz
Equal Packets 100 ct
Splenda Packets 100 ct
Sweet & Low Packets 100 ct
Sugar in the Raw 400 ct
Half & Half minis 360 ct


Aquafina 24/20 oz
Dasani 24/20 oz
Poland Spring 24/16 oz


Breathsavers 24 ct
(Peppermint, Wintergreen, Spearmint,
Cool Mint)
Certs 24 ct
Lifesavers 20 ct
(5 Flavors, Peppermint, Wint-OGreen)
Wrigleys Gum 20 ct
(Big Red, Juicy Fruit, Spearmint, Winterfresh)


Bigelow Teas 6/28 ct
(Flavored Black Tea: Constant Comment, Raspberry Royale, Cinnamon
Stick, English Tea Time, Earl Grey,
French Vanilla
Herbal Teas: Mint Medley, Orange &
Spice, I love Lemon, Cozy Chamomile,
Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry Apple
Green Tea)
Celestial Seasoning Teas 6/ 25 ct
(Specialty Black Tea: Victorian Earl
Grey, Devonshiter English Breakfast,
Bali Black Raspberry, Chai India Spice
Herbal Teas: Lemon Zinger, Peppermint, Mandarin Orange Spice, Red
Zinger, Sleepy Time, Raspberry
Zinger, Black Cherry Berry
Green Tea, Honey Lemon Ginseng
Green Tea)
Lipton Tea Bags 100 ct
Lipton Decaf Tea Bags 72 ct


Barrie House
Broadway Blend 24/1.75 oz
Broadway Blend 24/2.5 oz
Broadway Blend Beans 3/4 lb
100% Columbian Beans 3/5lb
100% Columbian 42/2 oz
100% Columbian 42/2.5 oz
100% Columbian 24/8 oz
Café Columbian 42/2 oz
Café Columbia Dark 42/2 oz
House Blend 42/2 oz
House Blend 42/2.5 oz
Euro Decaf 42/2 oz
Euro Decaf Bean 3/5 lb
Mocha Java 24/1.75 oz
Flavored Coffees 24/1.75 oz
24/2.5 oz
Flavored Bean Coffees 1/5lb
(Very Vanilla, Hazelnut)
French Roast Coffee 1/4lb
Eight O’Clock Beans 5/4 lb
Eight O’Clock Coffee 42/2 oz


3 Musketeers 36 ct
Almond Joy 36 ct
Baby Ruth 24 ct
Butterfinger 36 ct
Butterfinger Crisp 24 ct
Chuckles 24 ct
Hershey Bar 36 ct
Hershey Bar with Almonds 36 ct
Jolly Ranchers 12 ct
Jujy Fruits 24 ct
Junior Mints 24 ct
Kelloggs Fruit Snacks 48 ct
Kit Kat 36 ct
M&Ms 48 ct
M&Ms Peanut 48 ct
Mike & Ike 24 ct
Milky Way 36 ct
Mounds 36 ct
Nestle Crunch 36 ct
O’Henry 36 ct
Planters Peanut Bar 24 ct
Peanut Chews 24 ct
Raisinets 36 ct
Raisinets Dark 36 ct
Reese’s Cups 36 ct
Reese’s Pieces 36 ct
Runts 24 ct
Skittles 36 ct
(Original, Wildberry, Tropical)
Snickers 48 ct
Sour Patch Kids24 ct
Sour Pour Straws 36 ct
Starburst 36 ct
(Fruit & Crème, Original, Tropical)
Starburst Gummiburst 24 ct
Sugar Babies 24 ct
Swedish Fish 24 ct
Tootsi Rolls 36 ct
Trolli Bears 24 ct
Twix 36 ct
Twix Peanut Butter 24 ct
Twizzlers 36 ct


Barnums Animal Crackers 72 ct
Chips Ahoy 36 ct
Chips Ahoy 100 cal 72 ct
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip 60 ct
Famous Amos Oatmeal Raisin 85 ct
Fig Newtons 120 ct
Grandmas Chocolate Chip 60 ct
Grandmas Oatmeal Raisin 60 ct
Grandmas Vanilla Mini 60 ct
Keebler Fudge Strip Minis 60 ct
Keebler Vienna Crèmes 60 ct
Knottsberry 60 ct
(Apricot, Boysenberry, Blueberry, Raspberry)
Linden Chocolate Chippers 45 ct
Linden Butter Crunchers 45 ct
Oreo Minis 120 ct
Oreo 100 cal 72 cal
Pepperidge Farm Milano 60 ct
Rugers Sugar-free Vanilla Wafers 36 ct
Snackwell Vanilla Cookies 12 ct


Cloverhill Bearclaw 40 ct
Daisys Pound Cake 24 ct
Freshleys Carrot Cake 48 ct
Freshleys Golden Crème Cakes 48 ct.
Freshleys Honey Bun 36 ct
Freshleys Jelly Swirl 54 ct
Freshleys Apple Pie 48 ct
Joeys Coffee Cake 48 ct
Joeys Danish 32 ct
Moon Pie 72 ct


Chex Mix Turtle Bar
Fiber One
(Oats & Chocolate)
Kars Mixes 48/2 oz
(All Energy Mix, Original Mix, Raisins, Unsalted Mango Pineapple Mix, Wasabi Nut Crunch, Yogurt Apple Nut Mix)
Kars Salted Cashews 100/1 oz
Kelloggs Cinnabon Bars 6 ct
Kelloggs Special K Bars 6 ct
Kelloggs Nutrigrain 8 ct
(Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry)
Kelloggs Pop Tarts 6 ct
(Apple, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, Cherry, Smores, Strawberry)
Kelloggs Rice Crispy Treats 20 ct
Mr. Nature 60 ct
(Energizer, Mix N Yogurt, Unsalted )
Nature Valley Granola Bars 28 ct
(Chewy Trail Mix, Oat & Honey, Peanut Butter, Strawberry
Yogurt, Sweet & Salty Almond, Sweet & Salty Peanut)
Planters Peanuts 144 ct.
Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip
Granola Bars 10 ct
Quaker Mini Rice Snacks 60 ct


Act II Popcorn 36 ct
Andy Capps Hot Fries 72 ct
Bugles 60 ct
Cheez-its White Cheddar 60 ct
Cheez-its Reduced Fat 60 ct
Cheez-its Big Bag 60 ct
Chex Mix 60 ct
(Cheddar, Honey Nut, Plain)
Combos 18 ct
(Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, Pizza, Salsa Tortilla)
Crunch & Munch 72 ct
Cape Cod Chips 96 ct
Dirty Chips 25 ct
(BBQ, Funky Fusion, Jalepeno, Lightly Salted, Sea Salt &
Cracked Pepper, Salt & Vinegar)
Frito-Lay Single Serve (SS) 104 ct
Frito-Lay Large Single Serve (LSS) 64ct
(Baked Cheetos – SS only, Cheetos)
(Baked Nacho Cheese, Cooler Ranch,
Nacho Cheesier)
(Honey BBQ Twist – SS only, Regular Fritos)
(BBQ Potato Chips, Baked BBQ Potato Chips, Baked
Potato Chips, Baked Sour Cream & Onion Potato
Chips, Original Potato Chips, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettle Chips, Sour Cream & Onion Potato ChipsSS only)
(Baked Cheddar & Sour Cream–LSS only, Ruffles Potato Chips)
Smartfood Popcorn
Sun Chips
(Chipotle – LSS Only, French Onion,
Garden Salsa, Peppercorn Ranch – LSS only)

PRETZELS (cont’d)

Glennys Cheddar Soy Chips 24 ct
Kettlecorn Popcorn 48 ct
Keystone Party Mix 60 ct
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 72 ct
Plantain Chips 60 ct
Poore Brothers Honey Wheat Braids 80 ct
Ritz Chips 60 ct
Ritz Bitz 60 ct
Roberts 24 ct
(Pirate Booty , Smart Puffs)
Snyders 48 ct
60 ct
(Honey Mustard Nibbler, Mini Pretzels, Sourdough Nibbler, Thin Pretzels, Veggie Crisps)
Stacys Pita Chips 24 ct
Terra Chips 24 ct
Wheat Thins 72 ct
Wise 72 ct
BBQ Potato Chips
Buttered Popcorn
Cheese Doodles Crunchy
Cheese Doodles Puffs
Dipsy Doodles
Honey BBQ Potato Chips
NY Deli Style Potato Chips
Natural Potato Chips
Onion & Garlic Potato Chips
Onion Rings
Ridges Potato Chips
Sour Cream & Cheddar Potato Chips
Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips
Sour Cream & Onion Ridges Potato Chips
Salt & Vinegar Potato Chip

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