Our Dedicated Team is Here to Serve You & Your Team

It takes a diverse team of many different skill sets to provide the best quality service our customers deserve. That’s why we take such pride in our team, the best in the tri-state NY market. Our team consists of our field service team dedicated to delivering products on time and and sustaining quality. They keep our equipment working, beverages cold and snacks fresh. The field service team members are skilled in route logistics, vending machine repair, payment systems, refrigeration, secure systems and general technology required to operate our equipment.

In our Mt. Vernon, NY distribution center, the warehouse fulfillment team uses the latest in pick to light order picking technology to ensure that every vending machine and micro market receive the best mix of products that customers wish to purchase.

Our customer service and office team have the industry knowledge require to efficiently dispatch service calls, handle customer requests and provide answers to all the questions that may cross our desks. They ensure accurate accounting and keep our systems flowing with data used to ensure top service levels.

Our management and sales team works tirelessly to provide our team with the tools and technology required to provide the best service possible.

Technology You Can Count On!

We’ve invested in technology to improve effectiveness in every aspect of our business.

Guaranteed Delivery

We utilize the latest vending technology with guaranteed delivery systems and modern coin and cash acceptance systems to minimize refund situations.

Real Time Monitoring

Our machines are equipped with 4G remote inventory monitoring so we know just when stock levels are ready for replenishment.

Merchandised to Your Taste

Our management system assists in determining which items are selling best and which new products should be offered elsewhere.

Pay Using Your Preferred Method

Machines are equipped with the latest cashless readers that accept every form of payment our customers would like to use.

Delivery In Time & On Time

Our management system helps our team determine the most efficient routes for delivering to your location in time and on time.

Pick to Light Fulfillment

All orders are filled using a state of the art pick to light picking system eliminating human error from the fulfillment process in our warehouse.

New York's #1 Healthy Snack Provider

A Fresh Idea for Food from a Vending Machine!

Superior Vending is a leader in healthy vending solutions. Working alongside company wellness teams, we’re using the latest advances in vending products and technology to support our customers’ requests for healthy, sustainable vending options.

We regularly evaluate and update our healthy fresh food, snack and beverage offerings to stay ahead of healthy, flavorful snacking trends.

We are the leader in school vending programs and are instrumental in maintaining school wellness policies. Our refrigerated machines can vend fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks, and water.

We work with every customer to provide the best possible solution for their specific location and nutritional guidelines.

View Nutritional Info on Interactive Screens

Our vending machines are equipped with interactive screens that display the nutritional information for the products sold in the machines. Interactive screens help consumers make informed decisions before they snack by dynamically displaying detailed product information prior to a purchase from the vending machine raises awareness of the health value of the food or drink.

Vending machines in your facility will meet or exceed FDA Calorie Disclosure Regulations


A message from our President, Peter Plotkin:

After growing up in a family-owned lumber business in Fairfield, CT, I moved to New York City to strike out on my own in 1988. I worked for 10 years in the diamond business, and learned a lot about how the world works but decided I needed to fulfill the entrepreneurial spirit within me. In 1997 I purchased a small vending company whose owner could no longer run it, but that had a ton of good will. I re-named it “Superior Vending” after a cleaning company my mother ran in Hilton Head. 20+ years and hundreds of satisfied clients later, I am proud to offer you our services as one of Westchester’s largest vending companies. If you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of our company, please feel free to contact me directly, and I will personally make it right.

Thanks for your business.

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New York's #1 Healthy Snack Provider