Superior Vending Services has the most diverse product selection that you will find from any vending company. We are committed to providing vending services that will satisfy a wide range of tastes and desires.

We have strong relationships with the largest global brands and regional suppliers that allow us to stay ahead of snack & beverage trends and offer the latest products introduced to the market.  We receive deliveries from the manufacturers daily to ensure freshness, quality and a solid supply chain.

Our team can help you develop wellness programs and healthy snacking initiatives as we have done for many customers as members of the New York State School Food Service Association (NYSSFSA), as well as Westchester Coalition for Better School Food.

Because we know that tastes change, we closely monitor sales & consumption reports and customize offerings to meet your evolving needs.


300+ quality, name brand snack items in stock daily
Chips & Crackers
Pastries, Cakes & Cookies
Candy, Mints & Granola
Fresh & Frozen Treats
National Brands & Local Favorites
Offerings are rotated to provide variety & freshness
Satisfy every nutritional requirement, taste & desire!


Thousands of bottles & cans in stock every day
Bottled Water, Flavored Water & Seltzers
Teas & Coffee Drinks, Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks
100% Juices & Juice Drinks
Soda from your favorite global brands
Full selection of National Brands
Latest in Modern & Innovative Offerings
We Quench every Thirst!

Healthy Choices

We vend thousands of healthy products every day!
Lower in calories, fat, and processed sugars
Fresh Fruit & Salads
Trendy Chips & Puffs
Waters, Seltzers & Juices
Meets School Nutritional Requirements
Satisfy every dietary requirement
Enjoy a Snack without the Sacrificing your Diet!

Delicious Kosher Selections

We carry a full selection of Kosher choices to meet your requirements.

USDA Smart Snacks in School Compliant

Fully compliant with the USDA’s Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition standards.

Healthy, Gluten Free & Vegan

We carry a full selection of Healthy, Gluten Free & Vegan items to meet your dietary requirements.

Bottled Coffee, Energy & Sports Drinks

However you choose refuel, we have your energy drink of choice in stock.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Protect yourself, your team and your guests with masks, sanitizer and other PPE items available.

Fit Pick Approved

Choose from “Fit Pick” items that meet the American Heart Association 35-10-35 nutrition standards.

Is your business interested in a new refreshment services provider?

We welcome the opportunity to serve you! We will provide a complimentary assessment of your break room needs with no obligation.

New York's #1 Healthy Snack Provider